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10 Most Beautiful Female Soccer Players

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10 Most Beautiful Female Soccer Players

Females love playing with balls after all and in a sporty manner like soccer, they sure do have the ‘kicks’ and the kinks too. There most certainly isn’t anything that can have a man’s attraction radar flashing like a malfunctioning light bulb than to see a whole bunch or entire soccer field filled with females running all about. Here I cannot be sure about everybody else but personally, it would have turned me into a lion ready to chase after some springboks and no not to kill them for dinner but for the thrill of the chase which is what matters most in the journey of persuasion from male to female. Soccer women are very particular and absolutely determined, very driven to their ‘goals’ and they sure do score a few other than a ball in a post as well. Here’s a quick preview and so let’s take a spectating look on 10 of the most beautiful female soccer players in the world, which will be analyzed by their physicality and personality combined. It is when we take a closer look at women that we eventually are able to spot where their true beauty lies.

Top 10 Beautiful Female Soccer Players

10. Natalie Vinti (Mexico)

9. Hope Solo (USA)

8. Sydney Leroux (USA)

7. Julia Simic (Germany)

6. Jonelle Filigno (Canada)

5. Ellyse Perry (Australia)

4. Anouk Hoogendijk (Netherlands)

3. Lauren Sesselmann (Canada)

2. Nayeli Rangel (Mexico)

1. Alex Morgan (USA)

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