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5 thoughts on “Richard Harvey – Adrenalin – Music From NFL Films

  1. “In the final two minutes, the Bills raced desperately down to the New York 29. The Giants led by a single point. Eight seconds remained. The fate of both teams rested on the leg of Scott Norwood”

    Van Miller: “Oh boy, hearts beat faster in Buffalo. High drama here in the Super Bowl. Here comes #11 Scott Norwood. Incredible.”

    Jim Gordon: “What a fine game. What an absolutely fine game.”

    Van Miller: “Scott Norwood. He can fire the shot heard round the world now and win a Super Bowl.”

    Jim Gordon: “The ball will be spotted at the 37-yard line.”

    Van Miller: “The Super Bowl will ride on the right foot of Norwood.”

    Jim Gordon: “Snap! Spot! In the air! It’s got the distance! It is…”

    (the ball is going and going and going and going but went to the right)

    Jim Gordon: “NO GOOD!”

  2. It’s also used for Dave Kreig’s upcoming game-winning TD pass to Paul Skansi against the Chiefs in the “Road to the Super Bowl” a.k.a. “Winning Plays and Wacky Wonders”.

  3. Heard in the 1990 Giants yearbook, Norwood ‘miss’ segment — — Big thanks to Sam Crowe for finding this track!

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